It's Glow Time Set
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Treat your skin to two incredible products that work together to banish stretch marks, cellulite, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles for the ultimate treatment.

Bounce Back GelA revolutionary moisturising skin rejuvenating gel that is dermatologist tested and proven to help repair the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and damaged skin.

Rejuvenating Glow Glove - Works to visibly reduce cellulite and stretch marks by helping shed dead skin cells naturally. Made from 100% natural plant fibers.
Step 1- In shower/ bath use the Rejuvenating Glow Glove to exfoliate dead skin cell and increase blood circulation 🛀🏻

Step 2- Come out of the shower/bath and pat dry body. Then apply Bounce Back Gel on clean towel dried body

    Use Rejuvenating Glove Glove up to 2 times a week for silky smooth glowing skin.

    Bounce Back Gel can be used twice daily.

    Maria L.

    "Thank you so much Halo Skin! I am in love with this bounce Back Gel! Could definitely see such a huge difference and I've only used it for two months!"

    Amie Smith

    “I've been using these now for a week and have already seen a massive difference in my stretch marks I'm really impressed and hoping they help me more with this mum tum! So happy x”

    Bounce Back Gel - Healthy Skin Starts With Good Ingredients


    I'm too shy to put my before/after results but this product has really blown my mind! Couldn't believe that it worked to heal my stretch marks!


    Miracle! Bought the Glow Set and completely in love with it! It just feels amazing on my sensitive skin.