About Us

skin positive, inclusive, Clean beauty for all
Welcome to HALO SKIN!

We create effective natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, unlocking the goodness of active, nourishing ingredients -- full of juicy vitamins and skin-strengthening minerals -- to deliver you great skin. We truly believe that skincare shouldn't be confusing that's why we develop skincare that truly works with no fuss and JUST RESULTS!

Our Philosophy

You glow different when you feel confident!

The philosophy behind HALO SKIN is self care, self love and beauty should be simple yet super effective! Creating trustworthy and result based driven skincare products that are fuss free and carefree!

It all started with how we felt about our bodies
How We Started

HALO SKIN was born in 2020, after many failed body treatments and money down the drain, we wanted to create a clean skincare brand that would empower everyone everywhere to look and feel their best from the comfort of their own home with multi-purpose and multi-functional skincare products. At HALO SKIN we believe in embracing our natural beauty and using clean products to enhance what we have and not to mask our insecurities. Our bodies have been through so much and each stretch marks, cellulite and scar reminds of how complex our bodies are. We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies but to embrace what our bodies have endured! That's why we create products for us to show our bodies some well deserved TLC, each and every product have been designed with YOU in mind.